Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Longing for Heaven

This morning I was reading with my family about heaven.  We were talking about what people will be like when we get there and how different things will be.  Heaven is a perfect place.  It's the way God intended it to be from the beginning.  It's the way it was in the beginning.  It's the way it will be in the end.  It's the final destination we pray for for all those we know, love, and care about.  Heaven.  Perfection Realized.  Well, not quite realized.

I was reminded yesterday, yet again, that, as Steven Curtis Chapman says, "we are not home yet."  Heaven is the home of believers - true followers of Jesus Christ; and we are not there yet.  After yesterday, my longing for heaven increased tremendously.  I went over to my dad's house while I was in town see family for the holidays to check on it (it is currently vacant; and my brother and I are keeping up with its care - as much as we can while living in another town).  When I got to my dad's house, I realized it had been broken into, ransacked, and vandalized.  There were massive holes in the ceiling and in the walls; and there was debris everywhere.  It looked like someone or several someones had stolen all the copper from the house and in the process destroyed whatever they felt necessary in order to get what they wanted.  I'm glad my dad was not there to see it.  And so now the journey of police reports and insurance conversations and red tape begins.  And it all makes me long for home - our real home.  HEAVEN.  The place where all will be made perfect, just like the Creator.  PERFECT.  No more sin.  No more pain.  No more stealing.  No more disease, sickness, pain, snotty noses, crutches, disabilities, death, or anything thing else that causes physical, emotional, social, or spiritual heartache or trauma.  And we who are a part of God's family, we will be perfect, just as He who created us to be like Himself, is perfect.  Philippians 3:21 says our bodies will be glorified, like Jesus.  No more decay.  No more disease.  No more death.  No more disabilites or anything else negative that starts with the letter D. :)  The blind will see.  The deaf will here.  The dead will live again and will live forever.  Can I just tell you something? I'm longing for that day and for that place.  I am so ready!

I will be attending the funeral of a godly man in about two and a half hours from now.  I'm thankful that he's now experiencing the reality of heaven because He loved Jesus and lived his life for Him.  I'm sad for His family and hurt with them as they grieve; but I know they don't grieve as those who have no hope.  They grieve as those with hope - because of Jesus; who has made all things new for Jay McCasland.  Enjoy your appointed home, Jay.  I can't wait for the day when I get to join you and live in perfect peace and harmony for that place that God has appointed for all those who love Him, live for Him, and follow Him.  Jesus made the promise in John 14.  He said, "In my Father's house there are many rooms.  If it were not so I would've told you so.  And I am going to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself, so that where I am, there you can be also."  Amen.  Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.  Come quickly.  As 2013 ends and another new year is embarked on, increase my longing for heaven.  The perfect home.  The perfect place.  I can't wait!